An Introduction Post!

Hi my loves! Welcome to my new blog. I am going to keep myself anonymous but if you ever want to contact me, please go and DM me or follow me on my Instagram accounts: @mypinterest.andpolls for a fun time with aesthetic inspo and fun polls on my story and @productivity.pinterest for study/work inspo and some informational posts too! This blog is going to be about anything from delicious recipes to fashion tips.

Even though I am choosing to be anonymous, I would love for you guys to know some things about me:

Firstly, I am a teenager from England and don’t have that many hobbies. But I do love music, some fun art (even if I’m not that good at it) and even a good time in the kitchen. Talking about being in the kitchen, I am actually vegan so all the recipes I will show you, will be vegan. If you want to know more about me, please follow along with my posts. I will be posting every 2 weeks on a Monday but you might get some bonus episodes here and there. So don’t miss out on a single post by following this blog. If you ever have any blog post recommendations, requests or even just a question or two about anything, please DM me on the instagram accounts above. you can also DM to get a shoutout on the blog! Also, if you are ever struggling, please DM me and know that I am always her to talk to so please come to me for advice or even if you just want to rant/vent. I know that we are going through a hard time right now but you are never alone. I am no professional but can definitely give some good advice.

I want to end every post with 2 things I am grateful for, 2 wins of the previous weeks and 2 goals for the coming weeks. So I am so so grateful for the sky; these days I have seen so many pretty sunsets and the second thing is music because it just makes feel a way that nothing else could ever make me feel. Next, my 2 wins for the week; firstly, starting this blog! I am super excited to post on here and maybe even create a community! Secondly, I have found so many new podcasts to listen to. If you would like any podcast recommendations, please let me know because I have so many. For my first goal, I want to start journaling everyday. Recently I have been journaling but it has not been consistent so I want to make that a daily habit! My second goal is to hydrate; so right now everybody reading, grab a cup of water and down the whole thing because so many people are so dehydrated. Anyway, thank you guys so much for coming and reading this far. I hope you stick around for a more blog posts.

Thanks babes! ILY xoxo

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